EECS 498

Showcase of VR/AR projects made for EECS498,
made using Unreal Engine and Unity

Project 1: CSE Simulator

A recreation of a computer lab in the Bob and Betty Beyster Building at the University of Michigan. Complete with several interactive elements such as usable whiteboards, functional trash cans, talking NPCs, working fire alarm and a hidden mini game if you use the flashlight when it's dark! Built using UE5 along with Neelie Tu.

Project 2: A2 Go

A2 Go is an augmented reality game inspired by Pokemon Go. Move around Ann Arbor planting different types of trees and watch them grow. Earn money once your planted trees are fully grown, but beware, Ann Arbor's notorious squirrels might attack your tree and can only be appeased if offered acorns. Visit landmarks that unlock new seed types that can be bought in the seed shop. Built using Unity Game Engine along with Neelie Tu.

Project 3: Stick Shift Simulator

Learn how to drive a manual transmission car from the comfort of your home through immersive and interactive VR tutorials. For more info click here.